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Iuliana received her training from the, The Reconnection  ~  Institute for Integrative Nutrition ~ Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge


At The Reconnection, I was trained to facilitate  Reconnective Healings and Personal Reconnections. These sessions are often a life-changing experience that uses the light and information exchange of the fifth dimensional energy grid to renew the human body, mind, and spirit. The effects of a healing session may be felt on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.


At the  Institute for Integrative Nutrition I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

At Theta Healing I was attracted by the digging method of identifying and then changing of old beliefs which are not beneficial to one's existence or a match to one's consciousness. Theta Healing triggered an old passion of mine toward communication with other  realms and helped me trust and further develop my abilities for intuitive readings.


I was born and raised on a subsistence farm in the county of Moldova, Northern Romania during communism. Although my childhood was hard in many ways, I now consider myself fortunate for my upbringing . There were no chemicals ever used, and the seeds  we used had a genetic lineage dating back to centuries. My childhood life was steeped in timeless traditions & knowledge passed down from the ancients.


At 18, I left my parents home in pursuit of a career. I took my Masters degree in Economics in Bucharest, and in the years following the fall of communism, I built a successful accounting business. My success in life, and business was due to hard work coupled with education and the simple yet powerful spiritual eighteen years of teachings I received from my parents and grandparents, who lived their entire lives in that tiny village.


At the age of 33, following my heart for the man who later fathered my amazing son, I sold my company and moved to the US to experience family life. While primarily focused on family, I continued to work as an accountant, and built another small yet successful accounting and bookkeeping firm.


During this 12+ years I also employed my farming knowledge to organic gardening and the preparation of “highest order food”, and found many seeking out my experience.

Though a highly practical individual, I've always seen myself as 'in this world yet not of it'. From an early age I was attracted to the paranormal, which forms the basis for much new age literature.


Even if I was always attracted to spirituality, I never considered myself spiritual in the way it was described by many. Rather, I was described as a doer as I had been an agitated, active and bossy woman.


I always had the urge to help others, and a deep seated belief that I could be a miraculous healer... if only such a thing existed on earth. I had heard of many, but never directly encountered anything to convince me of their reality. I did experience something close when I first encountered the teachings of Kabbala, which opened my horizon to new sacred knowledge.


2012 came with a powerful changing energy for me (and I'm positive for many others).  I decided to take responsibility for my own reality and made a conscious decision to change and heal myself. That changed my perspective on life, and I finally understood that perspective is everything!!

Instead of blaming others, worrying about the end of the world, Monsanto, GMO's, pollution, the medical system, destruction of the natural balance of the earth etc, I started to actually do something positive that could change the world around me, no matter how little that change was to be. Following the same path and my passion for holistic living, I enrolled at Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I was happy to meet like minded people.


Two years later I first encountered, or better stated, I was called to the work of Dr. Eric Pearl. Although it amazes me that I had never heard of him before, I've always known that things happen when we are ready. Dr. Pearl's work resonated to my soul, and it was so close to what I used to call "my healing fantasies" that I was drawn to learn more. I was astonished to find it exactly what I have always known deep inside myself, namely: We are not the healers but the catalysts. Miraculous healing can take place when divinity is at work and when the person allows the healing to take place.


Even I was so attracted to his work, I still attended Dr. Pearl's seminar with skepticism – a “to good to be true” kind of attitude. Entering with fear that I might be carried away by illusion or fantasy, I was quickly won over then blown away by the power of these “reconnective frequencies” and the out of this world experiences I encountered during the seminar and with my personal reconnection. It was as if I entered another dimension, and when I walked out of that seminar I was a completely changed person, a person who decided to dedicate time and effort to help others benefit from this miraculous healing opportunity. Just like that!


Upon returning home I was to encounter magnificent further experiences. Under what I soon realized was the direct support of my spiritual guides, I was shown in every possible way what I needed to learn, how to meditate, how to be present, the importance of thought, the reality we create and the mirroring through which we get to know ourselves, etc. All the lessons I was trying to learn before, I was now learning at the heart level. My empathic abilities sky rocketed and I found myself physically and emotionally 'feeling' every person I focused on with my eyes or mind even for a fraction of a second. These amazing experiences happened to me, a person that couldn't even meditate before. My family and friends tell me that they are simply astounded by the transformation they already witnessed, and all my important relationships are thriving like never before!


I began doing this work due to my desire of living a meaningful life in the service of helping others. To help people heal and realize the greatness that resides in each of us, to help others see and truly feel the love and support of the universe.


I carry on this work because I am aware that we are blessed to live great  times. I acknowledge the power of these one on one healing, while appreciating their contribution to raising our collective consciousness and the spiritual evolution of human kind.


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Spiritual Teacher
Conscious Channeler for Inner Divinity
Holistic Health Coach


Your Greatest Self



After attending the seminar of Dr. Eric Pearl' and having my own Reconnection I experienced an amazing transformation, awakening like state of being.  I now discovered my unique life purpose and realization of a spiritual greatness which resides in all of us!


                                      ~ Iuliana Scheir

Iuliana has been a life-long seeker of her true divine purpose on earth. Following the apex of her awakening experience, she discovered a deep-seated desire to help end the suffering of humanity, utilizing what she calls” miraculous energy healing frequencies”.  She learned that these healings trigger a transformational journey of the individual, with direct effect on the spiritual evolution of humankind.


Later, she began to communicate with evolved light beings who became her guides and teachers. They taught her about special meditations, astral traveling, the mechanics of creation, the nature of reality, cosmic mirroring, and how to connect with higher realms using various technics.


Iuliana shares these experiences and healing frequencies with anyone who has the intrepidity to engage in this transcendental and metamorphic journey from the caterpillar to the mystical butterfly.

 When I decided to attend Dr. Eric Pearl’s seminar, I was somewhat skeptical. Although I was interested in learning more about reconnective healing, I was not sure what to expect. After I registered for the seminar, I ordered a few of Dr. Pearl’s books and flipped through them quickly. I wanted to have some knowledge of what would happen, but at the same time, I also didn’t want to go to the seminar with a “know it all attitude”. I hoped to be open and virgin to all that I might experience.


My initial interest in attending the seminar began when I became attracted to the belief that we are in the midst of a shift to the 5th dimension. I knew I was intuitive by nature and have felt my inner connections very strongly throughout my life . I have also had profound insight, far outside of my areas of learning. I have never considered these feelings to be extraordinary, nor did I have any paranormal experiences.


Truthfully, I had a hard time even being able to meditate – which I blamed on what I perceived as my active personality. Meeting Dr. Pearl changed that for me in a profound, positive and permanent way.


By the second day of the seminar was I totally blown away. Suddenly, I could feel the energy field around me and experience connections with others at a level I never thought was possible. It did not take me long to realize that I was or about to become an clairsentient with strong abilities to feel others even when they were not in the same room with me. To this day I am still trying to learn and understand how to use and understand these emphatic abilities that I was unaware were truly inside me or at least not at this level.


In the last two days of the seminar I decided to have my personal reconnection facilitated by one of the instructors at the seminar. My experience is described below.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Iuliana Scheir

My Personal Reconnection Experience

First reconnective session: In the beginning of the session, sensations were different than those I encountered during a healing session. In prior healing sessions, I generally felt the sensation of strong heat, waves, powerful humming sounds, uncontrollable movement of the fingers, eyes etc. However, in my first reconnective session I was actually wondering why I could not feel the air conditioner in the room, which was on pretty high at the time. It was as if my body had entered a space where the temperature was perfect and comfortable.


Then sometime during the session, I felt as if somebody pushed a finger into my solar plexus or better explain was as if a heavy marble was dropped deep within my solar plexus. Immediately after that, my chest started to heat up. This was a very strong and pleasant heat, which felt as if I was lying in the sun with only my chest uncovered.


There was a point when it felt like something started to pull me upwards. It felt as if the strands of a spider’s web were attached to several of the cells in my chest and then extended further along my body, as I was pulled up. The love vibration and  sensation was really indescribable . I was taken over with a sense of complete relief and pleasure at the same time. While this was happening, tears of joy began pouring out of my eyes. I started to notice that I could hear my heart beating faster but regular, yet it felt effortless as if my physical body was connected to an invisible machine which was keeping it in function. I was not startled or afraid in any way, or over exerted - it simply felt like a new and amazing awareness and a strong sense of familiarity while someone was connecting with me telepathically and sending me a memory of the movie "Contact" with Judy Foster so I could understand what was going on.  I could hear myself breathing, which became deeper and more regulated, again with absolutely no effort. I realized I was out of my body, but still attached to it somehow. It was an extraordinary feeling of an indescribable pleasure – as if I was “coming home”.


I sensed that I was hovering at one or two feet above my physical body, into this plasma  field which it seems to be a dark blue sky filled with sparkling moving lights and pyramids moving as if they were made out of gas but all the while being aware that my body was actually on the on the table below. I was very, very awake and totally coherent and conscious of everything that was going on. I sensed that there were angels or beings working on my energetic body and and a very tall-thin loving lady siting on my right side helping me along the way. I received telepathically an overwhelming sense of being taken care of and loved in a way I never felt before – a feeling of pure unconditional love. I recognized that love vibration as being exactly what I was always subconsciously longing for and tried to recreate here when I was helping and caring for others. I was not  surprised to see myself so easily communicating telepathically as if it was so normal . I communicated with her very clearly by asking for help in healing myself  once and for all or to take me out of here because the suffering become unbearable. The lady replayed very calmly: "why do you think you are here?" . I tank her but she told me not to worry about that and instead to focus on feeling and taking in the experience, so I could remember it later. As they were taking me back into my body by descending my energetic body very slowly I instinctively "heard" myself saying: "wait, wait a minute" and I was surprise to see they stooped. I realized my silliness but I still "said" it with a smile: "Would you keep here a bit longer?" The lady smiled after which they continue to slowly placing me back into my body.


Although profound and seemingly much longer, this whole journey lasted about three or four minutes. Thinking back, it was such a different experience from anything I previously experienced, that I should have felt it strange or even frightening. Yet, at the time it simply felt natural and right, as if it was a state of being that had always been there but out of reach – a place I had yearned to know, yet knew not how to find it until then. From that moment forward, my life has forever changed. Now I was certain of what I always known deep down, yet had never had a proof : I am never alone and I am deeply purely loved!


Second reconnective session:  A state of peace came over me for the entire session. The experiences became more powerful toward the end. It started again with the sensation of being pulled upward with the same web of threads attached to my cells. Only this time, it was from the sides of my body. It was more like an expansion of my body or my awareness. It lasted approximately 30 seconds or so, and immediately after that I envisioned a pure white (fluorescent) light along my right arm. I could literally hear my own voice coming from somewhere above me asking the same question continuously: “What is this?". I started exploring this realm by moving my arm into that light, of course I was not actually moving my physical body although it felt that I as. I found myself entirely in or surrounded by that light floating in it. I realized there was a strange feeling while I was floating there. It felt as if there was no friction or density to it. It was such a wonderful feeling to float into that light. Then I noticed one huge eye with an inquisitive look which caught my attention. I saw it above my head. It was checking me out. It felt as an all knowing entity which was looking inside me and at me trying to see what was there to be worked on. I felt comfortable with it as If I knew it was there to help me.


These experiences were especially moving to me since I was the type of person that usually does not see anything during imaginative meditation, except darkness. My initial skepticism  made these experiences more real and special. I am also very grateful that everything I experienced was so real and clear. All the images and communications were clear, with no doubt whatsoever.  I was awake and present throughout every realm of my experience.


However, things didn’t stop there. In the following weeks, I had strange, profound and why not calling them miraculous experiences, which I later learned were under direct guidance of my spirit guides. I'm learning now that some of those experiences could be compared with strong shamanic experiences although I never had any contact with shamanism or psychedelics drugs that could induce such experiences.I feel very fortunate and grateful for everything that happened to me.  My questions are more than answered and my skepticism is gone. I have started a new life, I'm being transformed in a beautiful way which I previously not even dare to dream. There is no doubt that I will view life in a very different light.


The proof, though, is the changes that others perceive in me. My husband of 15 years tells me that I am changed in ways he thought were impossible, at least without years of growth work. That I have grown a level of understanding, patience and appreciation of all that is around me which was previously hidden. My family and friends have noticed the changes strongly and many have chosen to experience the personal reconnection for themselves. 


It is because of the profound and positive changes I experienced that I am now involved in sharing this process which is accessible to anyone – as it is a state of grace that everyone should realize.

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