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" I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strenght to start all over again. "


                                                                                                             ~ Eric Roth

My Clients

I met Iuliana in San Diego in person and I was blessed enough to have had a spectacular session of tasting her reconnection healing in connection to what felt like her own author method of approach towards guiding a person in need. We met few times online for healing and channeled-readings and it was always on point. She is a true gem out there and truly devoted to service of Heart. There is no Spiritual mumbo jumbo or BS surrounding her and she will not sell you anything that is not aligned with Truth. Sometimes she may approach you with a fierce Love, but that too is needed to wake up at times. Her readings are very accurate and deep. It feels She has a true connection with guides of Light beings that are truly of support to human race and ascension of this planet. Her Heart is Pure and devoted to Embodying G(o)odness in the world. There was no time she refused her service to a person in need and always comes with an open Heart. Her Being and approach is specific, and she is definitely one of a kind. She has strong ethical values it seems and she is kind, loving, respectful, full of honor Graceful, and one can feel she truly cares of your well being in this web of life we are all entangled within this world. I would not hesitate to recommend Her services, Reconnective Healing and intuitive channeled -readings, to anyone who wants to find their way up the evolutionary spiral with a better compass and map to maneuver this reality attuned to his/her unique bluepri13

nt of Soul. I feel she would be wonderful working with institutions, CEO of companies, Children and on a bigger scale as services of such caliber are and will be only more and more needed in this world to establish the World we truly are proud of to live in.

                                                                                                                                       ~ Aga Sierzputowska- CEO and Founder of Quantum Leap Journey


I was going through a dark night of the soul shortly after I had met Iuliana. In our first channeled healing session, she removed deep seated blockages in my energy body and opened chakras to allow energy flow easily through me. It was an instant change for the better! Miraculous meetings and events started to unfold after that first session, and I felt the love and connectedness with life and the universe in a depth that I had never experienced before.

Sleeping much better at night. Lost my panic and anxieties I had been suffering from since my childhood!

Spiritual Coaching & Energy healing – Major family & relationship conflict and emotional trauma:

I learned to accept and transform a major challenge with my family and work through it thanks to the fantastic spiritual coaching and healing I have received from Iuliana. She made me understand the perspectives of my family members by tapping into their higher guidance and she communicated back to me what I needed to know from their sides and what my guides wanted me to know as well. As a result, I was able to clear, heal, and let go of a wound that I had since my teenage years. I feel now much more empowered and confident to interact with my family with love and set boundaries as needed.

Iuliana helped me also deal with another major relationship challenge with my twin flame that I was facing, and she gave me a higher perspective to understand what was going on, and what the blessings in disguise were. She gave me wonderful guidance and energy healing, allowing me to bounce back quickly from that traumatic experience and take back my power.

With her help, I also came to realize and accept the fact that everybody and every situation that comes into my life is for my highest good, and they are here to serve me either as a teacher or a mirror so that l can evolve more consciously and realize who I truly am.

Channeling my Guides and clarity regarding my soul’s purpose:

Her channeled readings and the card readings keep amazing me. They have been on point and keep opening me up to new ideas and potentialities in my life and life-style changes! In our first reading, Iuliana made me meet and interact with three personal spirit guides and I received very powerful and surprising messages that changed my life and my outlook on life for the better…!

In her channelings, I also learned more about my soul’s mission and received confirmation about my path as well as so much love and support from the other side, my “invisible team and guides”  – even when I was feeling low or lost…It has been a huge blessing!

In one of the most recent readings Iuliana was guided to help me heal some deep chronic deep seeded fears through the healing and integration of past aspects of myself including my inner child. That was an long, intense and powerful experience which I’m still integrating. 

The Reconnection:

After the personal reconnection sessions, I felt much lighter, more joyful and at peace for a few days. Since then, I have been experiencing an intense emotional, and physical detox clearing a lot of low frequency energies, painful memories and deep-rooted negative emotions of suffering. I trust that this process will be over soon and that there will be more space for more light to come in.

My intuitive insights and inner gifts such as being a clairsentient have increased immensely. I feel much more connected to people, nature, and animals as well. It has become much easier for me to shift into a deep state of meditation more quickly. I am able to feel more the connection to my spirit guides and the energies around me and flowing through me as well.

Ascension coaching:

I feel more than blessed to have Iuliana come into my life and to be my ascension coach as well! She has been doing such a wonderful job because she teaches from her heart with lots of love, passion, compassion, and from deep-rooted inner wisdom.

As an ascension coach, she has also openly shared with me her some of her own experiences and vulnerabilities in this at times very demanding process of awakening. I came to understand that it is part of the process to face our shadows and painful emotions as we are lifted higher. We are being pushed to clear lower energies to make more space for the light to come into our bodies…and she is one of those who are walking the talk and leading by example!


I highly recommend Iuliana’s services to anyone – especially to those who are open to experiencing profound and long-lasting healing and to those who are interested in waking up or who are already on the path to higher consciousness.


                                                                                                                                     ~ Anita S. K. ~ Sedona Arizona




"When I first discovered the Reconnective healing, I was still in a search of that special thing I knew in my heart must exist only had previous glimpses.  Life has tested me in too many ways over these 40 years of my life.


I had heard very exciting things about Reconnective Healing, and was put in touch with Iuliana. In discussing the work with her, I felt immediately at ease and that I had found that thing for which I had been searching. I had a bit of reticence as I realized the power that resides behind these Reconnective frequencies. I felt I had finally found that which I have sought my whole life, and I needed to ask myself if I was really ready for it. I came to a resounding YES and decided to commit to 3 sessions to give it a full opportunity.

Each session was unique and gave a different experience.  However, the third session felt to me a lot more special. I experienced a strong smell of a wood lacquer...etc After the session I fell an extreme exhaustion and went home to sleep, it was all I could do. To my surprise, when I arrived home my daughter and husband both said they felt very tired, and joined me in a rare afternoon nap.

The next day was astonishing, my life was a completely new as if I was reborn into the self which I was meant to be. My awareness of things that happened to me and peoples actions were not anymore something that happened to me, instead I somehow just knew on a got level that they are all a reflection of me, that the friction of those around me is created by whatever is inside me that requires healing or to be worked on. I clearly see the places in my life where I have been stuck, like I was wearing blind folds that were magically removed. The positive feedback I have been receiving in my relationships is testimonial in itself, people tell me I am a changed person - for the better and are much more eager to spend time around me.

I am certain that this is only the beginning and my life will finally unfold as it was meant. I'm so grateful for the opportunity of being offered these frequencies. I feel so wonderful and joyful, like I want to scream to the world: do not fear these frequencies as they are light. Your life will be perfect because life IS perfect. I know now that my fears were unfounded as it feels so natural and "right", everything is the same yet my world has changed drastically for the better and it is affecting those around me in unimaginably positive ways.

Let it Be!"


                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Vali E. - Accountant -Bucharest

"My experience with reconnective healing was wonderful for me! Iuliana created a peaceful and clean energetic field. I felt a strong energy flowing throughout my body, especially around my heart chakra.

After the healing session, I felt very light and relieved for the rest of the day. It felt like everything in my life was perfect just the way it was. It still feels the same, even today, two months later.

It also realized it helps me when I need to get a step out of my mind and make step closer to my inner resources.
Thank you, Iuliana. I am very grateful for our session."

                                                                                                                          ~Andreea F. ~Bucharest- Romania

"My experience with Iuliana was very powerful.  I struggled with anxiety and some minor stomach ailments overall just unbalanced.  During my session I felt warm sensations and the thoughts going through my mind were peaceful. I felt like I had found some tranquilty.  I also felt energizing pulses throughout my body.  It seems as though that after my session I am more relaxed, my mind feels at ease and my thoughts are clearer. I feel more aligned physically and mentally."


                                                                                                                             ~ Amy A. - Connecticut USA

For the last 8+ years I have had chronic neck pain requiring frequent chiropractic manipulations. Things got even worse when I had a skiing accident and a rafting accident—adding fibrositis to an already compromised state. My condition was at an all time low this past year—chronic neck pain mainly from the fibromyalgia—always having pain on a daily basis.My experience here was nothing like I had expected but everything that I had hoped for. During the 3 sessions  I felt like years of suffering and pain were being purged from my body. …the last day—all symptoms of neck pain and headache were gone—also was gone was me waking up with hand numbness every morning.”                                                                                                                                                    ~ Kim

“Iuliana’s generosity seemingly knows no bounds and her channeling wisdom is empowering and galactic in its expansiveness. My session with her was transformative. She helped me harmonize aspects of my life that have been the source of great suffering. She also helped me see my higher purpose in a way I have not yet accessed. I am eternally grateful.” 

                                                                                                                           ~March 6, 2020 ~Jordan Halo ~San Francisco



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