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“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a God playing the fool.”
                                                                           ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    In my readings, I work with your inner and higher guidance to deliver and clarify messages that assist you on the spiritual path of developing your soul and innermost. In addition, I may be guided to show you how to connect directly with your guides and your inner divinity.


Every reading is different, depending on the person for whom I'm doing the reading and where they are on their path. I do not predict your future or future events.


Know that you are the One who is continuously creating your reality in the Now! You have the power and the gift of free will, choice and the creative power of assigning meaning to your external circumstances as well as the gift of presence which allows you to change everything in the Now!

It is important to understand that your guides are not here to make decisions for you but to assist you in becoming a better version of yourself and live a more conscious life aligned with your highest purpose.

Often during the readings I’m guided to facilitate energetic healing, theta healing by identifying and removing limiting beliefs or energetic downloads to support your wellbeing and spiritual evolution as needed.

Recently, the guides have been emphasizing the fact that we are now approaching an important threshold in the evolution of this current human race. Everything is accelerating as we are in the midst of ascending and transitioning into a higher dimensional reality, for those who are able to sustain such vibration. Many light beings are here assisting us in navigating through this significant transitional stage of humanity’s evolution.

I have taken channeling classes to deepen my connection and understanding of the spirit realm. However, the main guidance and training I received is directly from the spirit realm. My guides have been working with me daily to help me grow, understand, trust and express more of who I am.


Clairsentient & intuitive abilities are increasingly developing for me and those were revealed to me especially after the peak of my awakening, which took place in 2014. The messages are coming to me in the form of feelings, visions, intuitive knowing or telepathically when random thoughts feel "placed" into my mind and are often spoken through me.


Book a session with me if you are in need of guidance from the higher realms!

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