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Know Thyself

I believe we are all healers and we all have the ability to heal ourselves!

Healing occurs as we begin to bring balance and harmony in our existence.

When we finally realize this powerful truth, we understand the greatness which resides in every single one of us. For me this was also a reminder of a powerful lesson in regards with the responsibility I have for the world around me and ultimately for the reality I'm creating for myself.

I once had a lucid dream in which a kind and wise guide come and asked me:

- I heard you want to be a healer... is that true?

-Of Course, I excitingly replied! I want to heal all these people which I see suffering. I want to end their suffering. I know I can do it now.

The guide softly and kindly replied with a compassionate tone:

-You know darling, there is nobody out there sick or suffering?!

- What do you mean? I immediately replied… What about these sick people? I said, starting to point him at specific ill people I knew in my life.

- Dear one, those people are only doing you a favor. They are actually holding you a mirror so you can see your own suffering reflected on to them. You see, al you have to do is to heal yourself so they can drop that mirror they are now holding for you. You can release them now if you wish. So, release them, release them , release them ... I kept hearing the guide voice as he was shifting away and I was waking up.

I instantly understood that powerful truth as if it was already inside me.

I was again, reminded the powerful concept of the cosmic mirror which plays such an important role in this game of life. Of course I knew it, after all Gandhi said it so beautiful: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

“With true power comes great responsibility” somebody once said!

The reminder that everything is merely a reflection of who we are, what we judge, what we miss, what we lost, how we feel, how we perceive and where we are in every moment, was so deeply humbling this time. I instantly found myself filed with such deep love and appreciation for all the beings whoever played or will ever play a role in my journey as a clear thought instantly echoed in my consciousness: Know Thyself!

Iuliana S.

October 2016

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