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The Truth Shall Set You Free

There is no such truth comprehensible to everyone, rather an individual expression of it!

“All That Is” is also an individualization of every entity that exist. To be with the One requires to be the One. All is included in and outside the One. Every perception is required to realize the One and to include the One as well as to be in or One.

There is nothing disconnected from the One as it never, ever was.

We lower ourselves into the unknown to perceive into the One much deeper. Your truth is what you decide to perceive and give it power in the moment.

Allow yourself to sink deeper into your own perceptions and see how far it will take you. We are looking forward to anything which will be unveiled, anything! Nothing has lesser importance than anything else.

Your journey is unique and will unveil to you, and only to you for now, what is deep seeded inside the One of your own unique perception. This is not a play on words but rather a revealing of your own truth. Sink deep into it and surrender its peace and serenity. Our love is with you always!


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