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Notes to Self !


"Go out and observe people, have fun, interact with them instinctively. Do not preach! Don't share unless you are being asked. When you are asked, do it short and with passion.

You are in a process of transformation: they* are here to teach you, show you something you need to learn in the moment. They* will keep trigger something inside you that needs to be healed or looked at or loved and accepted...

Pay attention to everything. They* are always by your side trying to give you clues of what is next to learn or do. You will feel it. Trust your inner voice, it will tell you!

Pay attention to your thoughts as they are powerful. They create all that manifest around you. They will affect your life and everyone else in your sphere and even further.

If at some point, you feel any discomfort ask yourself: What is here now which I'm not seeing? Where were my thoughts a minute ego? What I'm not looking at right now?

STOP DOING! Being in a doing state will only take you away from your life path, your true purpose, your evolution. You will be shown what is there to be done. It will be placed in front of you in the form of a thought, a message written somewhere, the voice of a person, an impulse to go, to do it, to get up , to sit down, go to sleep, stop reading, so on... For instance, a light dizziness, light headache may tell you to stop doing what you are doing in the moment with your mind. Listen to that and do not resist because resistance will only bring you pain.

Pay Attention and the messages will get clearer and clearer. If something doesn't come easy, the message is: Do Not! Not good for you or for people around you. Trust that!

Use your instinct always even when you are shopping. For instance, if a product doesn't go through the machine, check your instincts. Maybe you shouldn't buy that product.

Be in the present and be aware of other's presence! If you do, I guarantee you that even a trip to your supermarket will become a pleasure. There is always somebody that could benefits from your compliment, kind word, your smile, your joke that comes naturally. Those people or circumstances will be there in your way every time, from the moment your subconscious mind (which is the first to know) decides to take that trip. Don't force anything, don't run after them, don't push, just be gentle, be there and observe them. If they don't need you they will pass you unnoticed.

We are powerful beings and we are perceiving this world with our soul's eyes as we are contributing to this reality we are experiencing. When you are in this state of awareness, the others will see your light from far away, they will feel your presence from far away. The question is: What do you chose to give them? Hatred, pain, depression, feelings of loneliness, unhappiness, rejection OR feeling loved, happy, secure, confidence, trust, excitement?

Know that you are perfect exactly how you are right now, trust in the higher power which will never give up on you. Do not ever give up, ever! Life here is just a game, a test which can be taken over and over without ever being penalized. Think of it like a dream, a video game if you wish.

Know that you are influencing the world around more than your ego let you accept it. Know that the voice inside you will never go away.

Go with ease. Know that when pain and discomfort arrives then you are going away from the good of your higher self and the highest good of everyone else around. Don't stay in that vicious circle of pain and hatred. Yes, it is yours, you feel it strongly, it hurts and it is hard. But, know that you are experiencing that only to build you stronger, better and more beautiful. It hurts you to see the bad in this world, the destruction, suffering the pollution, the killings and suffering of animals? Then take a conscious oath to end that. Take action by controlling your thoughts and don't allow the negative one to go out there and add to that suffering. Yes, your thoughts and negative emotions are in fact adding an enormous amount to the bad you see out there. Be responsible!

Go out and love the world, love the people. Emanate that caring energy through your eyes and skin.

But remember to love yourself first, as only then, the others will actually feel that love."

After my personal reconnection, I encountered a series of extraordinary experiences. I was awake for most part of the nights so one night I decided to go to my computer having this strong urge to write some notes to myself so I could remember later. As I started to write I felt this warm and pleasant presence on my left side and I ended up writing something completely different, with no spelling mistakes as if someone else was writing it for me. The above is what I ended up writing that night.

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