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As you become more aware of certain aspects of yourself, you will automatically access and open a gate to the opposite. In this case , as you become more aware you also become, or have the possibility to fall deeper into the UN-awareness or unconsciousnesss which is the sleeping mode of existence.

You will encounter this challenge as you move through the last phase of duality. As you are approaching the limits between 3rd and 5th dimensional level up through the 4th transitional dimension, you will be switching from awareness to unconsciousness much more often and more dramatic, if we can express ourselves that way. Do not make it a drama dear one! It is a good sign, as this is the last phase where all that you are not aware or conscious of, must come to the surface to be revealed to your consciousness, processed and integrated into your-self.

This process will be perceived by many to be a difficult one as feelings of powerlessness will arrive when the coin flips on the other side. Dear One, bear with it and do not run from it as this will only make the process more painful. Stay with it and know that we are here, see you, holding you, giving you our full assistance. However, we can’t do it for you! Before entering this new realm, all must be cleared! Bring it to full awareness and integrate it into who you are. Don’t try to diminish or deny any of it. All experiences are yours and made you who you are. Keep all that you are and know that you have the choice of being who you chose to be by knowing the outcomes of your previous, present and future choices.

You heard us well: You are now being presented to all aspects of who you are on different timelines which are in the past or future, although all existing in the Now! We know you heard that before as you had to, other way you wouldn’t be here now. Now is time to actually experience it, which may be challenging for some.

Be aware of this and know that when you lose awareness is when you are actually sinking deeper into one aspect of yourself, where the tendency is to completely identify with it. Do Not, dear One! Do not identify with any of it! Wake up and know that where you are and who you are at times, is only one aspect of yourself, one of many. Breath it in, regardless of your judgement as being positive or negative and know that this judgment is also a temporary one.

No experience or role you ever played in the realms of consciousness is a waste. Know that your existence was and it is meticulously orchestrated to what was chosen or desired by your unique expression of All That Is!

As you acquire awareness of all aspects of yourself, you are painting the full picture of All That Is, in the same way you would build a puzzle picture. Every single piece of the puzzle is necessary so do not lose any on the way as you cannot enter this realm other but in your wholeness.

Therefore, as challenging as it may be at times, or as amazingly as it may be at other times, you must integrate it all and move forward until you are collecting all the puzzle pieces required to pass through the gate toward the next expression of who you are!

Channeled by Iuliana Scheir Published on Amazon in the followying Oracle Guide

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