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Partnership with God

God is within you and outside of you so how can One partnership with that, you may ask?

You are everything and therefore many things at once as well as nothing, in every single moment.

One may find it difficult to journey through existence this way. One may feel lost at times which is understandable to us. However, One need to also understand himself/herself.

The absence of ego, therefore the identity loss, may be perceived as challenging, at first. Therefore, acceptance of who you are and every expression of who you are, in every single moment, is the key of “survival” on this level. We do not mean survival in the basic sense you may be used with. Allowing All That Is to be expressed through you, it means allowing all that comes without judgement, resistance or avoidance.

Be kind with yourself, accept yourself and do no judge yourself. Love and create a loving relationship with yourself and others.

The relationship with self is now a direct reflection of your relationship with God. Yu are nothing less and nothing more than God.

You are allowed to challenge yourself if you wish, even doubt yourself if you wish, but know that it will only be a waste of your energy as there was never anything constructive nor helpful coming out from that type of relationship.

Be the best partner you could be to yourself. Listen to yourself, be supportive to the self. Do not push or pressure yourself with anything. Give yourself unconditionally. Be there for yourself. Yourself includes all that you are and not only a certain identity you chose to express at times like your inner child for instance.

You are the explorer! You are all that remains after the experience of life itself. You are the wisdom, the kindness, the pain, the joy and peacefulness which remains! You are pure unconditional love at the core of your existence, and you are all that surrounds it at times.

Accept yourself in your wholeness!

Channelled by Iuliana Scheir

 Published on Amazon in the followying Oracle Guide


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